Vânia Reichartz

About the Artist

Born and raised in Lisbon, Vânia studied Textiles and later earned a degree in Costume and Stage Design in her hometown, before moving to Germany in 2005. While in Portugal, she kicked-start her career working as costume designer and wardrobe assistant for television and independent theater companies. This academic and practical training set the stage for her later engagements in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, where she designed costumes for opera, drama, and ballet productions, especially for the Stuttgart State Theater.

Vânia’s natural artistic evolution, triggered by her deep involvement with performative arts, led her to experiment with sound, installations, and music, becoming a performing artist herself. Acting as a centripetal force, Vânia’s peripheral exploration through geographies and artistic disciplines brought her back to her roots, finding textiles again at the epicenter of her artistic practice.

Moving back to Portugal in 2019, Vânia has transformed a career initially defined by her involvement with large groups, into an intensely personal and mostly solitary practice. Countless hours spent at the loom or obsessively knotting the colorful and organic shapes that inhabit her world, are the tacit trademark of Vânia Reichartz artworks. Challenge and play are married through every fiber touched by this artist, who follows in the footsteps of Ferne Jacobs or Mrinalini Mukherjee, and weaves life into abstraction.


2018, Textile Art, Brazil
2017, Textile Art, Hong Kong
2009, Language and Migration: sound installation, Germany
2009, Language and Migration: sound installation, Austria


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