About Revelations in Virtual Convergence

Emerge | Converge™ is your place to find and collect art by iconic and emerging artists, through virtual exhibitions supported by international curators and art-world experts.

Emerge | Converge™, is an exciting annual exhibition cycle, where established and emerging artists from different countries meet, along with guest international curators. They are invited each year to amplify and challenge exhibition themes that reflect on our times through the art presented. The convergence of different artistic generations and cultures offers us a focused capsule, a moment in time, valuable for allowing us to explore correspondence and divergence in contemporary artistic creation.

If you are an art collector or an art enthusiast, Emerge | Converge™ will be your happy place. Because nobody wants to sift through thousands of uninspiring art listings, we scout the world for you. We find artists who might be less known in traditional art-market circles, and bring them to you in an engaging way. We present their work in worthy and relevant conversation with the art created by more familiar names.

We are the art destination where value and meaning meet.

Emerge | Converge™ is a project developed by Artverbium® with the support of an international team of curators and art industry advisors.

Emerge | Converge and Artverbium investors
revelations in virtual convergence
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