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Emerge | Converge brand identity

Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself a revelation
–James Turrell

Shining a light on the vibrant artistic currents emerging globally, was the overarching goal that led us to create Emerge | Converge™, our annual exhibition cycle. Taking Portugal as starting point, we have witnessed an inspiring wave of creators trying to make sense of the present through their work, at a time of heightened unrest. Revelations in Virtual Convergence opens as the inaugural version of this cycle, with a specific focus on the powerful artistic production emerging from Portugal, and a clear intention to reveal its resonance, with the artistic work developed in other parts of the world.

The Female Thread, Dispersed, and In the Flesh were envisioned as a triptych, framing what we perceived as essential topics pulsating globally. At once medium and message, these three exhibitions become a lens to focus the attention of many on these themes, and to shine a light on the artists, who as channels themselves, often anticipate the ceaseless changes of the world, and illuminate paths to the future.

Emerge | Converge™, as a concept, speaks to the joint presentation of established and emerging artists from different origins, throughout the exhibition cycle. Along with international curators, they have been invited to dissect, amplify, and challenge each of the exhibition themes through the art presented. The convergence of different artistic generations and cultures offers us a focused capsule, a moment in time, valuable for allowing us to explore correspondence and divergence in contemporary artistic creation. Especially relevant for art collectors and art enthusiasts, because we have scouted the world looking to uncover artists who might be less known in traditional art-market circles, whose work stands in worthy and relevant conversation with the art created by more familiar names.

Breaking down tacit and physical barriers, we have brought together inspiring artists, looking to present their work in an equally inspiring way. We have created immersive VR exhibitions that aim to amplify the experience of the art presented, and expand access by allowing these to be visited through a simple browser, and in multiple languages.

We invite you to discover the inspiring art and artists that take part in this exciting cycle. Each of the exhibitions will be open for a month for you to explore and inquire about the art and the artists presented, having the opportunity to acquire the works exhibited, plus additional artworks by the same artists, during the month that follows:

* The Female Thread | Top Textile Art by Female Artists,
public exhibition already closed, private sale open

* Dispersed | Influential Art Born from the Diaspora,
public exhibition already closed, private sale open

* In the Flesh | Leading Artists Explore the Body,
public exhibition already closed, private sale open

Emerge, Revelations in Virtual Convergence is developed by Artverbium®, and supported by the Portuguese government and the Ministry of Culture as part of its Garantir Cultura and Internationalization programs.

Emerge | Converge and Artverbium investors
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