Ida Applebroog

United States
About the Artist

Ida was born in New York City's Bronx, into an Orthodox Jewish family of Polish descent. While attending the New York State School of Applied Art and Sciences, where she studied graphic design, Ida worked briefly at an advertising agency, and later, at the art division of the New York Public Library, experiences which were undoubtedly a seed of her lifelong engagement with the arts.

After marrying Gideon Horowitz with whom she had four children, Applebroog relocated to Chicago, where she attended the Art Institute from 1965 to 1968. Late 1968, Ida and her family relocated to San Diego, which proved to be a difficult adjustment, resulting in her brief hospitalization for depression. Ida established her art studio after her release, and began teaching at the University of California in 1973. Her attendance to the 1974’s Feminist Conference inspired her approach to art as a form of social participation, and soon after, she moved back to New York, dropped her husband's surname, and adopted Applebroog as a way to mark her renewed artistic identity. Along with Mimi Shapiro, Lucy Lippard, and Mary Miss, Ida went on to found the pioneering feminist group Heresies in 1977. She exhibited for the first time at at age 42 at the Ronald Feldman Gallery, which supported her for over 20 years. Applebroog is currently represented by Hauser and Wirth.

Ida’s practice, which has spanned more than 50 years, is inextricably linked to the human, and the complexities of human relationships at large. As a master of framing and fragmentation, Ida draws her viewers through narratives that portray human alienation with a subversive humor. The Doppelgänger series, which she exhibits for the first time as part of In the Flesh, stands as a powerful example of her practice. This series, developed in 2016, connects these themes while expanding the concept of duality and multiplicity.

Ida’s multiple accolades include a MacArthur Fellowship Genius Grant and a College Art Association Distinguished Art Award for Lifetime Achievement. She has participated in over 180 exhibitions around the world, with the most extensive and recent retrospective taking place in 2021 at the Museo Reina Sofia in Spain. Her work is part of renown museum collections which include The Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Guggenheim Museum, the Australia National Gallery, the Albertina Museum in Austria, the Pushkin State Museum in Russia, and the Tokyo International Forum in Japan.

Portrait: ©Hans Neumann



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