Hal Wildson

About the Artist

Born in Goiânia in 1991, Hal grew up in the Araguaia Valley, an indigenous land, marked by mining invasions and exploitation of natural resources. A fact that became one of the main axes of Hal's artistic research and poetic work: identity, writing, and narrative territories crossed by socio-political issues. Studies in Literature at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), and an interest in documents such as letters, books, and photographs define Hal Wildson’s artistic techniques and resources. Typewriters and stamps allow Hal to use the formality of the word, and express it symbolically as images, where a highly poetic, visual, and discursive coherence emerges. Winner of the 2019 SESI Art and Creativity Award in Brazil, Hal finds his artistic motivation in the need to actively and poetically transform his personal reality. Political art, social memories, and the experience of the collective are linked in the artist’s work, where memory becomes a “weapon of power”. Art becomes a weapon against forgetfulness, and a tool for the construction of a possibly better future.



2022 Re-Utopya, Galeria Movimento, Rio de Janeiro

2019 Individual Collage House, Octo Marques Cultural Center, Goiânia


2021 Arte Core, MAM, Rio de Janeiro

2021 Arte Core, Casa Natura Musical, São Paulo

2019 24th SESI Art Creativity Award, Vila Cultural Cora Coralina, Goiás

2018 Re- Existence - Collective Exhibition, Media Lab UFG, Goiânia

2017 Urban Identity, Individual looks, Goiânia

2016 Collective Collage, SESI, Goiânia

2014 Art and Literature - Inhabited Land, Sesc GO, Goiânia

2014 Pieces of post-modernity, Sesc MA, São Luís


2021 Special “Mothers of Brazil”.  TV Globo, CUFA , Favela Filmes and KondZilla Filmes

2021 Hal Wildson: “The typewriter is a symbolic object for the representation of the act of reconstructing memories”, Paulo Severino, Pepper Portal

2021 Hal Wildson and Visual Poetry, Agencia CCQ

2020 Hal Wildson, Movimento Gallery (Video Online)

2020 Artist creates works of art with typewriter, Tatiane de Assis, Veja - São Paulo

2019 Plastic artist who was born in Aragarças, who shined in Rio’s carnival, holds exhibition in Goiânia from 28 to 31/3, Araguaia Noticia

2019 It is impossible to do any kind of art without talking about politics, Interview, Redação Jornal Opção

2018 Interview with Brazilian artist Hal Wildson, Eneo Lage, Inspi

2018 Young artist from the interior of Goiás overcomes difficulties and gains international recognition, Júlia Marreto, CurtaMis.